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We may not be a household name but you probably see us most days on the roads and streets of St Brelade. Premier Waste Management is the company in charge of all the household refuse and recycling collections in the Parish. It’s true, you have never met people more passionate about rubbish… Welcome to our story.

St Brelade 2022 Planner

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Recycle For Jersey

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Recycling In St Brelade

In May 2016 we started the St Brelade Recycling service in conjunction with the Parish of St Brelade and Recycle for Jersey. The main aim to make recycling even easier for residents. Each household received either a box or bin set that would be used just for their household recycling.

Recycling Planner

Online Recycling Collection Planner. Can’t locate your paper copy? Click on your Parish to view the Collection Planner for 2022 for St Brelade or St Peter.


For more information about Recycling & Refuse collection in Jersey, including Parish and Recycle Jersey posts you can now find us on Facebook.

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