Covid-19: Help us to help you

We want to ensure the safety of everyone, and whilst we are putting all measures in place that we can to protect both our staff and the public, there are still areas out there that are of great concern to us all. We are putting together a few tips and guidelines for best practice. These are especially important during the Coronavirus pandemic which is affecting us all globally.

What do I need to do?

Following Government advice surrounding Covid-19, to reduce the risk of further contamination please ensure you wash your hands before and after handling your refuse bin, as our refuse collectors handle thousands of bins each day. Please also ensure that you put your bin out the night before normal collection day, as our collection timings may be different due to these exceptional circumstances.

What about if I have symptoms or have been confirmed with Covid-19?

If you are in self-isolation, have flu-like symptoms or you have been confirmed with Covid-19, you should keep any personal waste such as used tissues and disposable cleaning products separate. Please put these items into their own bag and then place in a secondary bag which should be securely tied to seal it. It should then be kept to one side for a minimum of 72 hours before disposing of them in your normal bin.

Please ensure that you follow the steps detailed below with regards to putting your bin out the night before collection, and ensure that any personal waste is kept strictly away from recyclable waste.

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