Don’t bin it – fix it

Excellent infographic showing what happens to our waste. Please ignore the references to landfill as Jersey’s rubbish is used for local energy recovery.

Shared from Rethink Your Waste Jersey Facebook page and Happy Ocean Facebook page.


Don’t buy new; fix the old.

Thirty years ago, a television, kettle, toaster or the hem on a skirt were repaired; today these items are more likely to be discarded.⠀

As the current pace of our society’s consumption is increasing our demand for finite raw materials and creating an enormous waste problem. Factors contributing to this overconsumption include latest fashion trends, but also the increasing difficulties encountered in maintaining or repairing. ⠀

In the last six years there has been a quiet revolution combating the “take, make and dispose” linear model of resource destruction that has been expanding globally – the “share the repair” movement.

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